Servicios Turísticos Santa Catalina S.A. (SETURSA)

Servicios Turísticos Santa Catalina S.A. (SETURSA), is a private company created to operate the “CASONA DE SANTA CATALINA” It relies on Promociones Turisticas del Sur S.A., its main stockholder and contributor, as being the actual operator of the Santa Catalina Monastery, (considered the main and most important tourist attraction of Arequipa) with more than 35 years of experience in the area of tourism, and is also supported by other local entrepreneurs.

La Casona de Santa Catalina is the best alternative for local visitors and visitors from the rest of Peru and abroad. Inside its walls you will find products of the best quality as well as an extraordinary gastronomic offer. There you will find information specialized in local and national tourism and a choice of products that are most representative of the culture and tradition of Arequipa, as well as gastronomic services, entertainment, culture, communication and finances.

Our Promise


When the city of Arequipa was founded on August 15th, 1540, it was divided into 49 blocks, and in the middle of it was built the Main Square known as Plaza de Armas.

The founder, Don Garcì Manuel de Carvajal and the council members were the responsibles of following the command of Captain General and Governor of Peru, Don Francisco Pizarro. The assignment of the solar per neighbor, was verified considerating the merits made by those favored in the process of the Spanish Conquest and consolidation in the tahuantinsuyanas lands. Among the first neighbors and residents of the Villa Hermosa of Arequipa, included three of the “Thirteen of the Isla del Gallo” were graduates and doctors who came to Peru to lead the administrative directions of the colony and soldiers who were in the capture of Atahualpa in Cajamarca or in the “Siege of Cuzco”


Mr. Javier Velarde Talleri


Mr. Alberto Bustamante Olivares

Director - Gerente

Mr. Pablo Bustamante Olivares

Board of directors


Director - Gerente

Pablo Bustamante Olivares

Manager Assistant

Lourdes Grupp de Arias

Management Consultant

Javier Velarde Talleri


Fiorella Cervantes Juarez